Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Abundance Flows in Organic Community Garden

Abundance flows for all in the Organic Community Garden to which I belong.

I felt overwhelmed today with news of weather events all around the world and needed to  walk around this shared garden to remind myself we can all work together to heal our world.

 What was once a mowed piece of park is now a thriving garden feeding so many, not just with food but with community and ideas.

Learning how to honor the earth does produce abundance.

The Okinawa Spinach above grows so easily through the harshest of weather conditions and is such a nutritious  and strong food.

So many examples of abundance all around, along with nurture and care of upcoming crops.

Individual creativity is also part of the shared abundance and I especially the love the garden below which is always full of creativity and life. In a process of renewal at present it overflows in summer with flowers and color that bring a smile to all who pass by.

Food can be healing but sharing the concept of abundance on our earth can heal us all on so many levels.

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