Friday, July 13, 2018

Community and Sharing at Organic, Sustainable Home Garden

My friend Rebecca's organic garden is about sustainability and sharing with the community.

One never leaves her garden without new inspiring ideas or some of her generous produce.

She shares her garden with others from the community including an elderly Chinese lady from the apartments behind her.

Rebecca has learned from her Chinese neighbor and her neighbor has learned from Rebecca. The neighbor is now growing abundant food in raised boxes an idea shown her by Rebecca.

The lemon tree above was a Bunning's reject that Rebecca has nourished back to life, but all the plants in her garden are bountiful a result of the care and nurture she puts into making her soil nutrient rich.

Below some new bean seedlings in  generous mulch about to begin life, and a self seeded pumpkin about to produce its first fruit.

A friendly magpie whose life Rebecca saved poses for my camera with no sign of fear, and a wonderful Aibika tree provides leaves that may be steamed, boiled, stir-fried or added to soups.

 The leaves contain mucilage, which can give a slightly slimy feel in the mouth but which my friends from New Guinea tell me is wonderful for the digestive system.

I look forward to visiting Rebecca's garden again soon and sharing more of her wonderful garden and inspiring ideas.


Unknown said...

very inspiring to grow so many plants so well.

agreenearth said...

Thank you. Rebecca is certainly very inspiring, not only with her plants but the way she shares her knowledge, garden and produce.