Monday, July 9, 2018

Green Bananas for Dinner

My friend Joy comes from Jamaica and knows wonderful ways for using green bananas.

Before our yoga class I mentioned I had a bunch of green bananas and was wondering how to use them.

The first idea was to cut off their tops and bottoms, put a cut down their side, boil them with some salt and then mash them up with a good oil and have them for a nutritious breakfast.

I did that idea and cooked up three small bananas. It made a nutritious and filling meal.

My organic green bananas are full of good minerals and not sweet." Lots of good magnesium," said Joy and we all need good magnesium.

"'In Jamaica," added Joy, "mothers always add these green cooked mashed bananas to their babies formula to make sure they get all their nutrients."

I loved all these ideas but then Joy sent me the wonderful photo above of how she had cooked and served the green bananas I had given her.

I just wish I had been there for dinner. The whole meal looks so delicious.

Now all I have to do is make sure my soil is feed with enough good nutrients to get another bunch of fat green bananas.

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