Thursday, July 5, 2018

Heal Your Garden, Heal Yourself

Learning to listen to your garden is like learning to listen to your body.

It does take time and effort but the results allow both to thrive and grow with health and vigor.

When I first started gardening my style was about control.

I had preconceived ideas about where things should grow based on what I felt was both convenient or attractive.

But the plants had their own needs.

Some responded best to sun others to shade. Some liked wet feet others raised ground.

It was also a matter of getting to know my garden under different seasonal conditions.

I eat fresh food daily from my home garden and community vegetable patch.

Many are surprised at how I am able to do this year round but as someone who started from scratch ten years ago it has just been a matter of listening to the rhythms of nature and growing with them.

This special process has also enabled me to heal my own body.

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