Friday, July 20, 2018

My Garden In Your Home

One of the special gifts of my sustainable garden is being able to share its joys.

I write about my garden here on my blog but also have captured some of my special garden moments to share..

Here are some of my garden cushions for you to view.  Lavender Moment Throw Pillow Lavender Moment shares the special, sweet smelling lavender flowers I grow all around my home. So many bunches have been shared with friends and I just wish you could smell the robust, strong scent of this enduring plant.

 Garden Flavor Throw Pillow Garden Flavor features the rich colors of my beautiful nasturtiums, so delicious to eat in a salad as well having such sunny faces.Together my  lavender and nasturtiums make great hospital posies for sick friends.
Perilla Beauty Throw Pillow Perilla Beauty features the soft leaves of the beautiful Perilla Herb also known as Japanese Basil and Red Shiso. These aromatic purple leaves are a Japanese favorite to flavour fish, tempura and pickles, a sushi favorite.

 Mulberry Moment Throw Pillow Mulberry Moment shares the lush abundance of my Mulberries. Plumb and tasty they do not last long on the trees. The birds will get them if I am not quick.

There are more cushions taking you into my sustainable  garden at this site. I do hope my garden can add to your home.

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