Saturday, July 28, 2018

Organic Flowers in Permaculture Garden Feed Healthy Bees

The bees are always busy buzzing round in my organic home garden.

It does feel so good being part of our planet's solution rather than its destruction.

As I drove to church this morning I noticed all the dead plants along the kerbsides of the main road.

Yes the local council had been out spraying more toxic pesticides that make their way into our waterways.

I have a no spray order on my kerbside and use permaculture methods to keep my garden alive and healthy.

Permaculture honors the earth and the relationships of the plants that grow on it.

These lovely yellow flowers belong to the African Pigeon Pea a perennial plant bearing ongoing supplies of large, nutritious peas. I discovered this plant through permaculture courses and it has been a stable in my garden every since.

When I cut it back I just leave the cuttings on the ground as they are add nitrogen to the soil. So this wonderful permaculture plant is great not only for the bees but for my soil.

And so excited to discover the first blossom on my lime tree. A new tree in a difficult position it also needs those healthy bees buzzing around.

So pleased the neighbors on my street also keep away from pesticides.

 And finally the new blossoms on my mulberry trees at the bottom of the garden behind which is a generous tree reserve.

Do nothing for these trees but somehow using permaculture methods in a garden that honors the earth they produce crop after crop most of the year round. 


Debby said...

I used to have my own garden and didn't spray either so it was really nice to read your post. Interestingly, the little city I live in has a beautiful park that runs alongside the Chilliwack River. This year it was glowing with masses of dandelions everywhere, that got to go to seed. And there was never any sign of spraying in that park. They have a policy of letting nature work naturally there. Thanks for sharing your post.

agreenearth said...

How wonderful to live somewhere where they let nature work naturally. There are so many sprays used where I live that it has been very hard to find a place away from constant chemical onslaught.