Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Organic, Sustainable Food in My Community Garden Patch

Organic Sustainable Food is plentiful in my Community Garden Patch .

Above the broadbeans are in flower and all around bok choy and broccoli for my dinner tonight.

The plant in front of the bok choy is Brazilian spinach a permaculture, perennial favorite that I love to put in my dahl as  it has a neutral flavor.

Also turmeric still  growing. Have already harvested some and freshly grated turmeric makes a tasty addition to any winter soup.

Beside the turmeric I have my second crop of broccoli coming on and also red cabbages.

Have had my community garden almost ten years and each year the soil gets better.

I grow my food intensively using permaculture principles and have something for dinner all year round.

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