Friday, July 27, 2018

Plastic, Plastic , Plastic So Over It.

So over plastic in our current world.

Where I live we now take our own bags to stores or pay at the store to buy ones that can break down in the environment. We are banning plastic straws and stopping takeaway cups.

All this is good, good, good, but what I am talking about is the insidious use of plastic in our cooking  items that are endocrine disrupting, that is they mess up your hormones and your immune system. Heat and plastic are not a good combination..

Yesterday I broke my very precious Pyrex Cooking Steamer which I have had for well over ten years.  It fell out of a cupboard and cracked into many pieces, silly me, I could have cried. I loved that steamer.

But this morning I set out to find a replacement. Not in my town.

Rang one store and the lady in the kitchen section sounded surprised there were steamers made from anything other than plastic. Her store sold only plastic steamers and she used one herself.

My indignation rose and I said she may be comfortable with a lacing of endocrine disrupting chemicals with her steamed vegies but after three breast cancers I certainly wasn't.

She was taken aback but I left her with  food for thought.

So wanting my freshly picked steamed vegies for dinner what was I to do.

I went to the local opportunity shop. There I was lucky enough to find for $4 the great set of bamboo vegetable steamers seen above. Not my favorite Pyrex but an interesting alternative.

My jug also pictured above is another example of this plastic takeover. After looking at many jugs at all price ranges this was the only one I found without some sneaky and cheap internal plastic component placed where it would add a generous  doze of endocrine disrupting chemicals to your favorite cuppa.  

Not easy escaping the many chemicals that contribute to the rise in hormone related cancers.

The use of cheap plastic adjuncts in even the most impressive of kitchen items is in my view insidious.

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