Monday, July 2, 2018

Survival Foods for Climate Change

Permaculture Perennials are survival foods for Climate Changes.

These foods are strong foods that will provide nutrients during the most unpredictable weather.

The lectures I attended at Gold Coast Permaculture inspired me to grow these foods in own garden.

Above Vanessa from Gold Coast Permaculture shows how to grow Cassava from cuttings.

Her delicious Cassava cake added an extra dimension to the possibilities of this plant.

t Taro is another Permaculture perennial that thrives in wet soils.

As one of the few crops able to grow in flooded areas this plant has been called the potato of the Tropics.

Creamy in texture Taro has a delicious, nutty taste but must be diced and boiled to neutralise irritating calcium oxalate crystals.

Coco Yam looks similar to Taro plants and their nutrient rich tubers must also be diced and cooked to neutralise irritating calcium oxalate crystals.

The Coco Yam  however is easier to grow in many climates as they do not have the extensive water needs of Taro.

Permaculture teaches the different roles each group of perennial plants can play in our gardens and that inter cropping can create a more efficient use of the soil in your garden.

The information learned with Gold Coast Permaculture has inspired many aspects of my own gardening.

Foraging for Survival: Edible Wild Plants of North America
These three survival plants are only a beginning of the many benefits Permaculture can bring to our changing planet.

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