Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What Are We Doing to Our World?

What are we doing to our world?

Currently I am reading Carol Drinkwater's book `Return to the Olive Farm' where she slowly comes to realize the wide ranging implications of the chemicals they have been spraying on their olives.

My own awareness of how I was being impacted by the chemicals in my own  lifestyle was also slow.

In fairness to myself there was little awareness of how chemicals impacted the environment and those in it when I had a first breast cancer in the early nineties.

I tried to eat well but had little understanding of the role of organics. It was only during radiation for a second breast cancer in early 2000 that I discovered many of my fellow patients were going organic. 

After that I did my reading and attempted to avoid harmful  chemicals but as we all know that can be difficult to do and be part of Western living.

Yes it was the third breast cancer and before that a large ovarian cyst that really made me decide something had to change.

With each cancer I did have standard medical treatments and I say a big thank you to excellent doctors but to stop this continuing to happen I knew I needed to look at a new way to live.

My budget was very limited by this time but finally I sold my apartment and brought an old government house with land, and began the journey I share on this blog.

Like Carol Drinkwater's Olive Farm it was not always a straight road but working the land brought new understandings and an awareness our world does have to change its ways.


Unknown said...

Amazing story! Thank you for sharing. I believe chemicals are behind MANY of today's illnesses. From autism, to gluten allergies, to cancer....

agreenearth said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes I agree, environmental chemicals are causing a wide range of health issues.

Marina Rosie said...

This was a really down to earth and truthful post actually presenting the harsh reality of chemicals. It's so sad that they can damage and affect people's heath and also that of any animals that come into contact with them (on farms, etc) - pesticides have been known to have a very profound effect on bees, making them disoriented and unable to find their way back to the hive! That way they freeze to death - chemicals make everything suffer, apart from the farmer's pocket. x

Marina Rosie x

Melissa Love said...

Wow, first of all I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I know how hard it can be and have seen many loved ones suffer with cancer too. I wish it was easier to eat organic. I wish when you bought food at the supermarket you could be sure that it was just that, food. It's crazy to think what we're eating can be killing us.