Thursday, August 2, 2018

Healthy Plants Healthy Soil

Healthy plants abound in healthy soil at my friend Rebecca's garden.

Her branches bend with bountiful fruit all year round and her open garden provides  inspiration for all who pass by or visit.

She is always renewing her soil whether it be with bales of organic sugar cane mulch, horse manure or her amazing compost created from everything compost able from her home or garden.  Nothing is ever wasted.

This concept of ongoing renewal is reflected in the strength and vigor of her food.

As we walked around her garden we were both surprised to fine a small bounty of early guava fruit. 

The Bush lemon tree on the left below and and the conventional lemon tree are also full of tasty fruits.

Yet Rebecca does not water. She relies on a deep layer of mulch to keep her strong soil moist.

She really has inspired me to work further on my own soil and she was even generous enough to send me home with two bales of organic sugar cane mulch which I will put on my soil to conserve water and enrich the soil. 

Walking around her garden and absorbing the many innovations she has added is one of the treats of visiting this special friend.

Mint is grown in a raised bed to stop it spreading.

Small chrysanthemums provide nurture for bees and pest management.

A recycled play pool provides a generous and delight bounty of nasturtiums.

 All flowers grown are great additions to a nutritious meal.

Thank you Rebecca for being a trail blazer who is showing us all we can live in a way that both honors and renews our earth. 

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and beautifully written Winsome. Thank you!