Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Overcoming and Preventing Cancer, Two Good Books

No one thinks it will be them that gets cancer and I certainly never thought it would be me.

I was young when I was first diagnosed and having breast cancer came as a real shock.

There was no family history, I ate well and I exercised, but I was a high school teacher and my doctors at the time felt the stress of my work was a factor.

But who doesn't face stress at some time in their life. I did leave teaching and lived as a professional artist for some years before a second breast cancer occurred.  This time I knew the drill but felt frustrated.

At the hospital I discovered the first of the books that started me thinking about what I could do to prevent this happening again. YOUR LIFE IN YOUR HANDS by PROFESSOR JANE PLANT was the first book that allowed me to face my cancer  journey in a different way.

As a scientist Jane Plant's book gives comprehensive information on many factors involved in both getting and overcoming breast cancer. She shares her own cancer journey and her break through healing moment which involved stopping using milk in her diet.


With only five to ten percent of cancers being related to inherited genes she looks at the difference in cancer figures between people living a Western Life Style and the Traditional Oriental Lifestyle. As Westernization happens to Oriental Cultures she observes the rate of breast cancer rises. This she concludes is due to the absence of dairy products in the Traditional Oriental Diets.


The book also gives comprehensive information on the increases in endocrine changing chemicals since World War Two and how they are impacting both our diets and lifestyles.


She recommends eating organic where possible.

She further recommend increasing whole foods and vegetables in the diet as protective factors.

Discussion is also given on her frustration as to how few doctors help patients understand these issues when they are diagnosed.


Another point she made that hit home with me was that although many Chinese women lead very stressful lives their traditional diet appears protective. She concludes the theory of the cancer prone personality that creates so much guilt in many cancer patients is disproved by this difference between  cancer rates in Western and Traditional Oriental Cultures.

In my boutique apartment I began to instigate Jane Plant's ideas into my life as much as I was able, with the exception of soy products. My doctor at the time told me how quickly estrogen levels rise with eating soy and recommended I leave soy out of my diet. I gave up milk products and went diligently to the organic markets each week.

My apartment was on the ground floor in a block of six in an affluent area. Its maintenance was the product of a continual onslaught of chemicals.The lady in the apartment adjacent to mine developed a large ovarian cyst and the man above her prostrate cancer.

 I also developed a large ovarian cyst which was removed along with my ovaries. The man in the adjacent department then died of cancer and the lady in the apartment above me developed breast cancer. Yes mine came back too, a lucky pickup they called it at my regular checkup.

All I wanted to do was to move out of that building. My apartment took ages to sell and meanwhile I discovered DAVID SERVAN_SCHREIBER'S  book ANTICANCER: A NEW WAY OF LIFE.

YOUR LIFE IN YOUR HANDS by JANE PLANT is a book with strong conclusions but ANTI CANCER A NEW WAY OF LIFE by DAVID SERVAN SCHREIBER although it also emphasizes the need for organic food, the weaknesses of the Western Diet  and the elimination of endocrine disrupting chemicals is very real about the complexity of these issues and the human psyche.

It was just the book I personally needed to read at this time as I grappled with the reality of a third cancer treatment.

David Servan Schreiber writes as both a physician and a neuroscientist who is confronting his own brain cancer as he discusses an inner and outer search for balance. Who doesn't strive for this one.


One of the things I really love about his writings is the diversity of the studies he called on to illustrate his points, for example a study that shows the body is more protected against carcinogens by increasing the number of known cancer fighting food substances.


His interior study showing how a feeling of empowerment strengthens the immune system was another study which impacted me.

Both YOUR LIFE IN YOUR HANDS and ANTICANCER: A NEW WAY OF LIFE are books that enabled me to find ways to feel more empowered as I was undergoing the experience of concurrent or reoccurring breast cancer.

Eventually I moved from that apartment and began living in the new sustainable way shown in this blog.

An adjunct to this post. The man who brought my apartment developed and died of cancer shortly after moving there.

No studies have or will be done on that piece of prime real estate but my own feelings on the use of glyphosate and other endocrine disrupting chemicals developed from this experience and now I am writing about these issues on this blog.

I thoroughly recommend both of these book.. Both show new ways to approach life which enhance both our world and our ability to prevent or overcome cancer. Although my own journey did not take a straight path reading these books when they presented in my life empowered my ability to recover and reclaim the full joy of health.


Lady In Read said...

going through the impact of cancer on loved ones myself, i appreciate this post and salute you on your choices.. here is to a healthy you

agreenearth said...

Thank you for your comment. I do hope this blog post shared some new insights.

Marina said...

Thank you for sharing this!

Pat Servin said...

Thank you for sharing this.This post has inspired me to go organic. I recently read an article about a guy who sued cereal companies cause he claims they gave him cancer. He won his case.

Kate said...

Thank you for sharing these books -- I will definitely be checking them out. I love and completely agree with the idea of empowering ourselves when it comes to our health. That is fascinating -- and horrible -- about your apartment building, especially given the recent lawsuit against Monsanto. You are absolutely right that even if you do not have a family history of cancer and lead a healthy lifestyle, it is best to be prepared. I am so glad you were able to recover. Also, those meals look beautiful!