Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Simple Ideas for a Healthier Home


A healthy home is one which nurtures the health of those within. It is not defined by size, position or style but by aspects which enable its residents to remain healthy and well.

There are simple ideas we can all add to our homes that will make them more life giving and nurturing

These ideas are not costly but they do add to  the riches of good health in your special place.


The accumulated impact of items within the home can make indoor air quality ten times more toxic than that outdoors.

How many times did your parents tell you to go outside and get some fresh air. But nowadays that is not always possible.

A simple idea to keep your indoor air healthier is the use of plants. Having a variety of indoor plants is a great way to remove common air pollutants.

Much contemporary architecture uses this concept in amazing and exciting ways but in the everyday home the simple placement of plants clears the air of  contaminants from items such as computers, televisions and all the other inevitable  paraphernalia of contemporary life.

My home finds plants all over the place even on the floor and in the bathroom.

To illustrate the paraphernalia of contemporary life let me tell you about the new vacuum cleaner I recently brought at a discount outlet. The first time I used it I felt quite ill from the off gassing  chemicals it released.

 I took it apart and left it under the house to air. But it took some time to get that new item smell out of my living area. I had no idea a simple item like that could give off so many toxic fumes. Still not sure if I will ever use it.  Keep thinking I should put it back together but it is still sitting there where the breezes blow through and I am still not ready to try it again.


Which brings me to another simple idea, buy recycled. Not only is it good for the planet but it enables you to avoid all the toxic off gassing from the multitude of contemporary components in new items.

Jane Plant in her book Your Life in Your Hands Understanding, Preventing and Overcoming Breast Cancer speaks about her relationship with cars and the many chemicals present inside  a new car. In short she avoids cars, but not many of us are able to live with that option.

Household items are of course not cars but the same concepts apply and although I will suggest further methods to keep your interior air fresh and free of endocrine disrupting chemicals why does our society value new and shiny over tested and true.

If an item still works I stick with it not just because I can't afford something new but because I work hard to keep endocrine disrupting chemicals out of my home and new items such as the vacuum cleaner mentioned above do take time before they stop off gassing and impacting the quality of life of those in the home.


The more natural the materials are in your home the less VOC's or Volatile Organic Compounds fill the air.

I recently had to paint my ceiling and was lucky enough to find a wonderful paint made of  chalk, titan dioxide, talcum, bees wax-soap and soya oil . Having sat for so long wondering how I was going to paint this ceiling which was desperately needing some love and care it was just wonderful to find such a healthy paint.

Healthy options are out there and all it requires is a quick google to discover these alternatives to VOC laden options.  The paint I used was easy to apply, it fact if you can call painting a ceiling such `it was a joy to use' and no more expensive than conventional paint. The same company also had a great range of eco friendly natural products including cleaning items.

So a quick google search for eco friendly options can lead to alternatives that add healing to your home instead of Volatile Organic Compounds which can impact the health of those living within your walls.

I also did a quick google when I needed a wood finish for my floor and knew I just couldn't live with the lengthy off gassing of  polyurethane.

Again I found a wonderful water based wood finish which had no fumes and gave a very special finish. Everyone who came to my home commented how much they liked my floor and yes these comments were unsolicited. The floor just looked so rich, natural and to my mind beautiful.


 There are other simple ways we can keep the inside of our homes healthy.

A wise old man told me this one and it is so simple, just make sure you open your windows and let new air come in each day. Spring and pollen and other outdoor irritants may make this an unattractive option to some but my trick with this is to open the windows first thing each morning before the flowers open and the winds are up.

Fans are a further great way to get the new air circulating in your home. I couldn't live without my fans in winter or summer.

One room had a tendency to mold but keeping the air moving has put an end to that along with a light wipe with white vinegar and water.

My other very favorite is louver windows. I had these installed at the front of my house when I moved in and they enable such a great flow of air from outside.  My little house was a heat bomb before they were added and they are so great because they can be so easily left open when you go out.


The simple ideas mentioned here are just touching on the many ways we can create healthy homes. I do hope they have started you thinking about the ways you can be impacted by the chemicals present in your home and how you can find healthier solutions to your everyday choices.


Joseph Abimbola said...

I am so excited to read about how we can achieve a healthy home. When the home is healthy, our body and soul become healthy too. Thanks for this.

Unknown said...

Thank you these strategies! I use some of these and am working on adding some plants to our home. With 4 children at home and my husband who has a physical job that includes a lot of mechanical work, I am looking for more ways to make our home more healthy.

Unknown said...

I really love this! Everyone looks to mediciNe to help them rather that help themselves. thank you for uour great tips!

Lady In Read said...

i use some of these as well; opening the windows and doors whenever possible to let fresh air in; have indoor plants is something i am working on now