Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trees Bring Life and Healing

My trees give life. They produce oxygen, store carbon and protect my soil and wildlife.

I love to sit in my living area with my louver windows open absorbing their peace and beauty.

No matter my mood a few moments alone with my trees makes me feel restored and ready to face the world again.

I did not realize when I went on my planting frenzy when I first got my land I was in fact creating a space that would be so healing.

Many of the trees like the mango above I have grown myself from seed. It is exciting to see this year it has its first blossoms.

At first I lost trees because I put them where I wanted them to go. Gradually I learned to watch how they responded in different settings and many were replanted to met their needs..

Learning their water needs was also so important in how they grew.

One of my biggest surprises was how the fruit trees thrived under the larger trees at the bottom of my garden.  It felt like they were all working together to grow.

My research has now shown me that trees do communicate with each other through fungi in the soil and will even give out sugars to help smaller trees grow beneath them.

However this all works planting so closely together seems to have created stronger not weaker trees in this garden.

And Snappy, my Butcher Bird the unofficial king of the garden will agree with that. He loves his territory and will defend it fiercely. 

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