Monday, September 3, 2018

Organic and Sustainable Ideas for Healthy Living

When we think organic we usually think food yet there are many other ways in which we can introduce organic products into our daily lives.
Not only does using more organic product help us but it also helps support those producing organic product including our wonderful organic farmers who are farming without using harmful chemicals.

Organic farming is creating the healthier nutrient rich earth which is part of our planet's healing.

Organic soil enables diversity to return to our ecosystems and healing to begin on our damaged planet.

Healthy soil sequesters carbon and lessens agriculture's environmental damage to our planet

A study on chemicals impacting the development of cancer showed that the combination of  chemicals residues from many sources to be as dangerous as limited strong exposures.

As a breast cancer survivor my personal conclusion from this was to try and stay chemical free in as many areas of my life as possible.

Introducing organic product into our lives is a win/win situation for everyone and allows each of us to be part of the paradigm shift towards a healthier planet.

It has taken time and some thought to find organic and sustainable alternatives to use in my own home. My motive at first was to stay well after my breast cancer journey but as I walked down the path of sustainable living I met so many wonderful people with an inspired vision of how our planet could be and how that could be achieved.

Not only were my ideas on life challenged but my own home and way of living began to change in both large and small ways.

Small ways included replacing many plastic items with sustainable alternatives such as these  Organic Bamboo Cooking Utensils .  It felt good using honest and sustainable products when making my food and also limited my exposures to the endocrine changing chemicals given off by plastic options.

I began trying to incorporate sustainable and organic materials in as many aspects of my daily life as I was able.

What was a great surprise was that there were so many innovative and well priced options that fitted my sustainable and organic health giving criteria.

There was even an Organic Nut Milk Bag I could use to make my own delicious organic nut milks.

Life for me was changing gradually and it was an ongoing learning curve.

So many of the foods and everyday items I had been using  in my life I now saw as not helping to sustain a healthy home or planet.

My bedding was the next item under the microscope and again I was pleased to find well priced organic options for the many hours I spent getting a good nights sleep. 

This   100% Organic Cotton Pillowcases is a great example of products I hadn't known  were available and within my somewhat limited budget.

I had also just started to understand how cotton is such an intensively sprayed crop.

Ten per cent of the worlds pesticide use and an even larger percentage of insecticides are used on cotton crops worldwide.

The health of workers producing these crops is impacted especially in developing countries and of course such intensive use of chemicals impact local ecosystems including our very vulnerable bees.

When you add to that the very many chemicals used to produce finished textiles cotton is very much not a healthy or sustainable crop causing not only damage to local land and water but to the  many people involved in its production.

I have made my own pledge to use organic cotton items wherever I am able.

Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster 

                                                                                                                  What started for me as a means to regain my own health after breast cancer has lead to a much wider understanding of the need to incorporate organic and sustainable items in everyday life not just to be healthier but to create a healthier and more sustainable planet.


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Unknown said...

I always thought cotton was a safer alternative as it contained no plastic, thank you for the informative piece. Terrifying, but informative!