Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Simple Ideas for Zero Waste Living

The World is at a tipping point in regards to waste. In short we are running out of resources and ways to dispose of rubbish. We all need a good rethink of how we live our lives.

Add to that there is already many with far too much and others too little. Something has to give.

All seem a bit much. Yes it does to me as well but we can start with the everyday and look for simple ways  we can be part of the solution and not the problem.

There will always be the resilient few who don't want to change but as more and more of us wake up to this problem a new consciousness is arising.

The solutions are starting to be available for us all to select  new alternatives to our old careless ways.

Take plastic drinking straws. How many of these have you used and where do you think they are now?

That's right clogging up the ocean or sitting around in landfill because they simply don't break down.

But there is an inexpensive alternative way to still enjoy  your classy drink,  Stainless Steel Drinking Straws . They even look good.

Next time you have your special drink moment you can help the planet and you can even get your own Straw Carrying Case for if this moment happens when you are out.

Say a strong no if you are offered a plastic straw and produce your own. Carry a few extra straws to share with your friends. Nothing like direct action to begin the seeds of change.

Another simple idea is your own Water Bottle. 

I always carry mine with me whether to the gym or the movies and it certainly has saved me from buying a throwaway bottle when in the throes of thirst.

A great plus with metal water bottles is they are BPA free.

Why does that matter you may ask? Well it matters a lot because BPA in any plastic container can leach chemicals that attach to your estrogen receptors and these estrogen mimics have been implicated in the development of estrogen sensitive breast cancers among other  health issues.

As a breast cancer survivor I stay well away from any plastic drinking utensil but this has also enabled me to help our planet at the same time.

The oceans, our earth are just too polluted with these crazy plastic bottles.

And finally to help you walk closer to that Zero Waste life why not your own Steel Spill Proof Coffee Mug

 Many progressive coffee bars will reduce the cost of your take away latte if you bring your own cup. They too are trying to stop the use of the many throw away plastic lined paper cups.

If your current coffee outlet is not onto this why not suggest they begin a zero waste walk.

Three simple ideas, reusable straws, reusable water bottles and reusable coffee cups. Think how much better our planet could be if these became the norm not easy throw away options.

The old throw away head space has to change if this planet is to become a healthy, happy, shared earth.


Garrett Geisendorfer said...

You know, carrying around a straw isn't something I've even considered. I adore the idea, but I feel like we could simply go without them period. Haha

Regardless, a beneficial move for the world and I'm glad you could provide this perspective.

agreenearth said...

Appreciate what you are saying Garrett but some drinks do call for a straw.

Unknown said...

I have seen the metal straws out quite a bit now - and a few restaurants we've been to have ditched straws completely. I think it's a great start!