Saturday, September 15, 2018

Simple Living Creates Food Abundance

When I brought my house with land and decided to live simply I really had no idea what I was doing.

I aspired to grow rich organic food to nurture my body back to health after three separate breast cancers but I had never gardened and there was a lot of land.

Nothing grew at first. The soil was hard and barren. Even the hedge I planted the first year died. It just withered before my eyes as I attempted to rescue it from the summer's heat. My soil would not even retain water.

But then two wonderful things happened.

My local community garden gave a series of workshops on rejuvenating soil with rock dust and worm juice. 


I added rock dust to my soil to provide essential minerals for the soil bacteria to begin their journey.

Then I had the soil sprayed with worm juice which provided rich bacteria to feed on the rock dust. 

Finally this dead clay soil was beginning its journey back to life.

The second wonderful thing to happen was that a local Permaculture group started in my town and gave weekly lectures on ways to create healthy ecosystems.

These Permaculture lectures enabled me to understand the living nature of our earth and how honoring this could renew its vitality.

Each week I  attended the lectures and discovered the excitement of learning ways to heal our soil and create healthy ecosystems.

 Working with and not against nature was such an innovative and exciting concept.  


I also came to love the other people I met at these weekly events as we were all on the same journey of healing this broken planet.  

But back to my own garden.

Now I had a framework on which to bring my soil back to life, and so many exciting concepts to come to understand.

I am not pretending it happened overnight as that would not be true but gradually as I added compost, manure, organic sugar cane bales, every possible bit of pruning or food scraps to my soil I saw it coming back to life.

Along with the rock dust and worm juice a rich mix was beginning to emerge which not only allowed things to grow but to flourish.

As I continued to feed my soil with living, sustainable food it became alive.


It has been such a labor of love and it is still very in process, but how can you describe the special feeling from looking at mango blossom on a tree you have grown from seed in soil you have created using organic and sustainable methods.

Or to know how strong your broad beans are because they have grown from last years seeds and are adapted to the rich soil you have created.


My aim was to find healthy and healing food for myself but in this journey I have discovered so much more.


I do feel Permaculture has so much to offer our planet as a means of bringing our wounded ecosystems back to life. 




Jyoti Kiran said...

That's great to know. This is something very new to me.
Thanks for sharing

agreenearth said...

So pleased to be introducing the concepts of Permaculture. It is a real way to create a healthier and better planet for all.