Monday, February 11, 2019

Things Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Breast Cancer

When you are diagnosed with breast cancer it is all about getting rid of the cancer.

This is good but it does not deal with the bigger picture. How do you make your body strong enough to stop the cancer returning.

This of course can be a hard ask as we all have lifestyles to maintain even with a cancer diagnosis and income and other practicalities do not change just because we are ill.

This morning I have just come in from watering the beautiful collection of organic fruit trees above I have planted myself, bananas, Indian guava, feijoa, mango, sandpaper creek fig, custard apple and pigeon peas.

Twenty seven years ago when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer I would never have imagined I would be doing anything like that. At that time I was a busy high school teacher with a new mortgage.

The realities of my lifestyle were difficult to deal with as I coped with treatment and the fear breast cancer aroused in others at that time.

It really took me two more breast cancers to begin to see the big picture which was my lifestyle, and to be fair to myself it was just not my lifestyle but the mindset in which I was living.

It is difficult to maintain one's health in an unhealthy world, so I decided I needed to change my ways.

This was eleven years ago and I am pleased to say, fingers crossed I am still cancer free.

So what did I do.

I began to remove as many chemicals from my life as I was able. This is a complex issue as our consumer world is so full of toxic chemicals and our body can deal with many. For some however we reach overload and this impacts our immune system.

I saw myself as one of those on overload so I checked out all the chemicals in my life and eliminated all I could.

I brought an old government house and made sure all surfaces were from `healthy' products which did not offgas.

I created a garden to give myself organic food.

The best thing about my new neighborhood which was so different from the trendy inner city suburb where I had lived is that people did live simply and compared with where I was before chemical free. They understood where I was coming from.

It was all a very different lifestyle and aspiration from my earlier years but it has renewed my body and brought a peace of mind I never had before.

I have made every effort to live in harmony with the natural world and to renew the soil on my land.

It has been rewarding and uplifting and definitely something my doctors never told me.


Nikki K | said...

This post is empowering, I wish you wrote more about the topic because it’s so important! :)

Cheryl said...

Congratulations on achieving a healthy and simple lifestyle! It's a shame that it takes cancer to make us realise the damage we're doing to our bodies and lives. You are a good example to all of us to make some changes to our lifestyles today. Thank you for the reminder. Have a great week. :-)

Unknown said...

This is such an important topic to talk about and this is a great example of why we should be trying to live the healthiest life we can. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Congrats on being cancer free! Thank you for sharing such useful tips ❤️

Neha said...

Thank you for sharing this important experience and the underlying message. I'm trying to remove ticke chemicals from our house as well and hearing reminders like these are a really good reaffirmation of the fact that I'm on the right path. More power to you and much love to you! I'm so glad to hear that your are going so well.. xoxo