Thursday, January 31, 2019

Creative Ways to Help the Planet

Rose Apple Canvas Print featuring the digital art The Rose Apple by Winsome Gunning
The Rose Apple Canvas Print by Winsome Gunning

Sometimes what is happening to our planet can seem overwhelming but if each of us makes creative changes to our lives there is still time.

Even in the smallest of apartments we can grow a plant in a pot that can change the quality of the air around us, a small creative act that adds change.

The beautiful Rose Apple pictured in my canvas print came from a small tree which I started growing in a pot.

Now well entrenched at the bottom of my garden I never realized what a contributor  to our earth it would become when I was first given it as a seedling.

Garden Coffee Mug featuring the digital art Garden Flavor by Winsome Gunning
Garden Flavor Coffee Mug by Winsome Gunning

One of my favorite things now is saving seeds.


These I share or grow into seedlings. There is a beautiful strawberry guava at my community garden full of fledgling fruit which came from one small seed I saved from a particularly beautiful organic guava I so enjoyed eating.

Not only is this little seed now feeding many but also adding to our air quality.

The smallest act can create change if it is the right act. 

The snake beans seeds I saved from my first harvest are now feeding many at my community garden thanks to saving them each year and sharing the seeds.

The beautiful nasturtiums on this mug were also grown in my garden from shared seeds which have now been shared on.

Lavender Portable Battery Charger featuring the digital art Lavender Moment by Winsome Gunning
Lavender Moment Battery Charger by Winsome Gunning
Both the flowers and leaves of this colorful plant are special in salads and the corms I believe make a great caper substitute although I have not yet tried them myself.

Lavender is another plant I love to share around.

My garden lavender is featured here on this battery charger and is it a strong lavender that grows so well from cuttings.

Most of the places I visit including my church now feature a lively lavender bush from this strong little plant.

Yes being creative about the planet is about learning new ways of sharing and creating, learning to think outside the box.

There are so many ways we can change our ways of growing and sharing what we produce and create ourselves.

I personally love plants and gardens so this is my way. I love to think I am breaking away from old models of producing food but for me it is still trial and error and a lot of learning.

Still it is not accepting the status quo which has resulted in such a depleted planet and although it may be a small beginning it is all adding to the creative ways we can help our planet.

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