Why Sustainable ?

Estrogen dominance has been firmly linked to breast cancer and other hormone sensitive cancers.

I wish I had known about estrogen dominance when I was thirty five.

Three breast cancers later I am finally getting to understand what estrogen dominance is and how it impacts hormone sensitive cancers.

Xenoestrogens  or man-made substances that mimic natural estrogen are a primary causes of estrogen dominance.

With a world now full of exotic man-made chemicals avoiding these estrogen imitators is difficult but I made the decision after a third breast cancer that the best way to do this was to live as sustain-ably as I was able.

This blog is about my journey in sustainable living to discover a more chemical free lifestyle.

To begin your xenoestrogen free journey here are some of the simple guidelines I use in my daily life.

 My first rule of thumb is if I don't know what a chemical is on a label I don't use that products, especially with beauty products as xenoestrogens absorbed through the skin are more potent than those you consume.

I aspire to live as a vegan, but if you must have milk or meat make sure it is organic.

I use glass, metal or wax paper for storage at my house, no plastic  bottles, plastic dishes, plastic containers or plastic food wraps, and none of those non stick cooking utensils either, metal or Pyrex will do me.

Canned foods are out as I never know which ones have plastics or other synthetic linings.

Styrofoam cups and containers are also out.

I don't have a microwave oven.

As a follower of permaculture I grow organic food and look for solutions in tune with nature instead of using pesticides or herbicides.

My home is finished with VOC friendly products, no synthetic paints, solvents or finishes creating toxic fumes as they off gas.

Detergents and household cleaners are also as natural as I am able with baking soda, white vinegar and salt being great standbys.

I also have a clay water filter and use this for all my drinking and cooking needs.

There is always something new to learn in the journey to avoid xenoestrogens but as someone who is now well after three separate breast cancers I just wish I had started this journey earlier.


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